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marina plastic

Post print services


Marina plastic company is capable of providing lamination services in a solvent less method to laminate any types of wrappers with high quality.


Cutting (roll to roll)

Marina plastic company has the possibility of offering cut rolls with the minimum width of 50 mm and maximum diameter of 600 mm. by utilization of advanced machines with a very high quality of rolling on paper core of 3 & 6 inches.


(Sleeve) center seal

Among other services of this company, there is offering center seal services to produce P.V.C labels.

According to high technology of used machines and utilization of required quality control's equipment, offered services are too high and quality errors, too low.


The Cutter

In accordance with the issue that usage of roll shrink label needs usage of advanced sleever machines and these machines usually require high investment, so most of companies use sleever systems by hand.

Therefore, it’s necessary to deliver the final product as a cut product which marina plastic company accomplish this.



In P.V.C labels, in order to separate the top easily and maintain the label on container in cases which protect top and label have been applied thoroughly, perforation has been used.


Hot melt glue

In cases which P.V.C labels have been used on core shaped containers that are not able to keep the label, such as PS or PP glasses, being used in dairy industries, it's necessary to use hot melt glue to hold the label.

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